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Giardini: Servizi

Three steps

Our services: quality, accuracy, punctuality


The dream of creating a private green area, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, starts with giving a shape to desire. We start with an inspection and we listen to the needs of the customer, considering the feasibility, with an analysis of the environmental conditions (scarcity or abundance of water, exposure and type of land, accessibility). The on-the-spot investigation is followed by planning the yard’s aspects: what, how and when to do it. Finally, first with floor plans and then with the help of computer graphics, the final design of the garden is ready.

Price list

The design is the basis for the new garden. We don't just rearrange spaces and select tree species, but we will provide you with a comprehensive service that includes:

  1. an in-depth analysis of your green space

  2. identifying critical points and finding solutions

  3. the clear vision of how your backyard will turn with the help of a plan of the project and renderings that include the areas of use, views and paths, the list of plant essences and a perspective vision

Up to 50m


from 50 to 150m


from 150 to 300m


from 300 to 500m


*The price includes the general project of the garden, but not the final design. If the customer decides to proceed with the realization, the cost of the project will be borne by us. In this case, the price of the project will be reduced from the total budget for the realization.


We prepare everything necessary to start of the building process. We adopt the most modern techniques to create efficient, fully automated irrigation systems without wasting water. We use excavators and tractors to accomplish the heaviest operations, such as grounding large olive trees and earthmoving. We take care of everything, from excavations to finishing touches, such as stairways and paths. Upon request, we plant cultivated lawn, for an instant effect.


Tending the garden over the months is as important as the making. It requires perseverance, dedication, and technical knowledge to be able to enjoy the maximum splendor in every season. We have long-standing customers who have been entrusting us with their green space for decades.

Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Our services concern both ordinary maintenance, such as pruning and mowing grass, and extraordinary maintenance, for example the remaking of flower beds, turf or the pruning of tall trees.

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